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Brandie Leonard

Certified Consultant

(574) 584-6224

My Story

Hey everyone! I started selling Scentsy for a couple reason.

First and most important, I’m a single mother of 4 kids. Three of them being teenagers, and all of them with different personalities. My oldest, Bradyn, is the band kid. Then I have twins who are polar opposites. Kagen, is the athlete, football and basketball. Kiley is the girly girl. She loves everything hair, makeup, clothes! Then there is Brooklyn, the gymnast. She LOVES gymnastics. I found myself telling my kids no more often then I liked. Mom, can we go to the movies? Mom, can we go out to eat? Too often I’m forced to say “No” because I couldn’t afford it. So I needed a way to become a “YES” mom. That’s what Scentsy gives me. An extra income to do the things that I would miss out on before. The opportunity to go on adventures with my family and the chance to say “YES!”

Second, I use Scentsy for EVERYTHING! I use it washing my dishes, cleaning my house, washing laundry. I use it in my car, in the office and in my home. So I didn’t understand why I wasn’t profiting from the products I use everyday!

So since you’re reading this, you’ve already taken the first step. Look at all the amazing products and let’s see if Scentsy can change your life too!

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